Food52 Genius Desserts: Nonfat Gingersnaps

My copy of Food52 Genius Desserts still hasn’t arrived. =(

Not to be deterred from participating though, I found that these Nonfat Gingersnaps from David Lebovitz are quite popular with the Facebook Group atm and just so happen to be posted on his website. I had a World Teachers Day morning tea to contribute to this morning so I spent a bit of time last night throwing these together. I’ve ended up with enough to make two plates, one for the morning tea and one for a P&C meeting tomorrow night, with 5 left over for everyone at home to try.

It was a pretty easy recipe – I used my small cookie scoop and they took 8 minutes to bake and I ended up with 45 as opposed to the 20-22 that the recipe said it would make. They remind me of pfeffernusse but with the addition of candied ginger bits. I was so addicted to pfeffernusse when I was pregnant with my second son, imagine if I’d had these in my life 13 years ago?!