Mermaid cake

Our beautiful daughter turned 7 and this year it was all about mermaids and as such we threw her an under the sea party for her and some of her friends. So of course, we needed a mermaid cake to suit the theme. I ummed and ahhed over how to do this cake for months but finally landed on using this Cotton Candy Cake recipe from Liv for Cake and replacing the cotton candy flavoring with Queen Fine Foods Mermaid Magic.

I doubled the icing recipe so that we would have plenty for any decorations but this turned out to be way more than we need and now I’m stuck with working out how to use the rest of it. I tasked Aaron with creating a white chocolate mermaid tail fin, which he did a great job with until the temperature got too hot and it melted just before we sang “Happy Birthday” – doh! The rest of the mermaid tail was created by coloring the icing a bluey green and using two different piping tips to get a varying texture. Then I just scattered a few sprinkles on it and used more sprinkles around the edge.

I’m so pleased with the result. It wasn’t a huge cake which was a relief cos we really are over sweets lately (this seems to happen as the weather warms up). The flavor was good, it reminded me of Fruit Tingles. I love when a plan comes together. And for the first cake baked in my new oven, I’m over the moon!