Queen Fine Foods’ Mermaid Magic Cake

So I used up that leftover Swiss meringue buttercream trying out my very first magic cake. I’ve seen quite a lot of these recipes and they look similar to a sponge pudding where it becomes saucy on bottom and cakey on top from the one mixture. This however is different – it becomes like a set custard on the bottom and cakey on top and then when you cover it in icing, well it is definitely a sweet treat. I used some more of the Mermaid Magic flavoring and this recipe is from Queen Fine Foods.

It was fairly straightforward – you beat egg yolks and caster sugar, add the flavoring and melted butter, then stir in the flour and coconut and slowly incorporate the milk. Separately you whisk egg whites until they form stiff peaks and the last step is to fold it into the mixture. It’s a slow bake – 45 minutes at 160C. It puffs up then sinks pretty much straight out of the oven, almost souffle like really. You refrigerate it a couple hours  before icing, cutting and serving.

I think there really is something magical about magic cakes and look forward to trying more of them. I did realize that mine wouldn’t turn out the vibrant blue that was seen on the recipe because I didn’t add any food coloring. I wasn’t sure when abouts to add it as the recipe doesn’t specify, and it looked like it was finnicky as far as mixing everything just right so I didn’t want to screw it up. Once I have a few more tries up my sleeve I’ll probably be a lot less careful. What a cool way to use up leftover icing though! I shall remember this for years to come. =)