All About Cake: Molten Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake

This month, Food52 Baking Club are baking their way through Christina Tosi’s new book, All About Cake. I’m so excited for this one, and since I couldn’t convince the library to order it, I splurged and bought the kindle book so that I could participate. In addition to having some spectacular layer cakes, she also includes recipes for bundt cakes, sheet cakes, cake truffles and hot cakes in the form of slow cooker cakes and mug cakes, to which we turn to now.

Just what I crave most evenings…hot chocolate cakey goodness with melting ice cream on top. Really it is one of the simplest pleasures in life. We have a go to recipe that I’ve shared on here before for a chocolate peanut butter mug cake, so I have seriously high expectations when I try something new cos we can literally make that bad boy in 2 minutes flat and it is all kinds of delicious.

My first impression of this recipe is that it is a little more complex than my chocolate peanut butter cake. It includes ingredients like buttermilk and oil and butter and a LOT of sugar. Making it however, is still very simple. Mix the wet ingredients together and the dry ingredients together, then combine the two. Throw in some chocolate chips, or if you’re like me and you have a stash in your pantry, Hershey’s S’mores Baking Pieces and pop it in the microwave for 1 minute, adding an extra 15 seconds at a time until it is set.

I have to admit, this is a much nicer cake in texture. My other recipe tends on the dry side if we don’t get the timing just right or if we overmix it.  It probably also has to do with all the extra fat and sugar. But if you are after an indulgent yet easy dessert, this is by far superior! I can’t wait to try more recipes from this book.