A couple of salads from Ottolenghi’s Simple

Two for one today from this month’s Cookbook Club book, Ottolenghi’s Simple, cos we were in a salady kind of mood.

Our first salad is Couscous with Cherry Tomato and Herb Salad and can be found on the Food52 website. Aaron made this and said it was not simple, but oh my goodness is it delicious! I could have eaten this and only this and been incredibly happy. It is like a bowl of well balanced comfort food, hits of acid, pops of sweet, a bit of salt. We are definitely having this again and I wouldn’t be surprised if next time it doesn’t take as long to make.

The second salad is Courgette, Thyme and Walnut Salad. I think everyone liked this but I wasn’t a big fan. The zucchini was raw so wasn’t juicy which is the thing I love most about zucchini. You make a flavored oil and cut the zucchini into fine ribbons that you pour the hot oil on along with lemon juice and salt. I guess this cooks the zucchini but we had it not long after so didn’t get to appreciate that. I didn’t go for leftovers the next day but I heard that it was nicer. The recipe says not to make it in advance because it will make the zucchini watery though, so I guess this is the way it was intended to be. The flavor combinations were great though, it was just a textural issue for me.

This is the last we’ll probably see of this book until Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to trying a few recipes as part of our Thanksgiving dinner. My hope is that it will be the best ever!