Bake the Bag, Week 2

Aaron made these Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies today with our little 3 year old assistant.

The recipe is quite a bit different from our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, so it was interesting to see what difference ingredients like honey and apple cider vinegar could make. We used butterscotch schnapps for the butterscotch flavoring, and the larger amount of chocolate chips. We didn’t have a 1 Tbspn cookie scoop so we used our #30 scoop which is slightly larger and got 27 cookies out of the batch.

They possibly needed slightly longer in the oven, and there were clear hot spots where some of the cookies spread more than others. Cookies really are the best way to work out how an oven works! The flavor was really good. I love a soft cookie so these really hit the spot for me. I think our good honey is too strong a flavor. When paired with the apple cider vinegar I thought it ended up taking away from the cookie rather than adding. Not sure what to do to rectify that?!

That’s two weeks down, seven to go. Until next week, S-wheat-ie! ;o)

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