Throwback Thursday: Grilled Hot Dogs from The Food Lab

Here in Australia, standard barbecue fare is sausages and rissoles rather than America’s hot dogs and hamburgers. Throwing hot dogs on the grill is often a thing that people turn up their noses at here, but once you try it you understand what makes it so awesome!

We had our good ‘ole pal Kenji’s book back in the house from the library for a whole week – every time we get it back it looks more weathered, and we were looking for recipes to make on our new barbecue and found that he has a recipe for grilled hot dogs! So of course, these had to be tried and with gusto.

We bought the good, large beef hot dogs from Costco, long rolls from Coles, and our first ever jar of sauerkraut from the International section at Woolies. Let’s be honest, this really isn’t much in terms of a recipe, but it’s good. You make a piece of aluminum foil into a tray and place sauerkraut along the bottom. Then you top the sauerkraut with the hot dogs and pop them on the grill. Kenji has a whole process for the cooking part, place it on the hot section, move it to the cool section, cover on for a bit with vents open…blah blah blah…Aaron’s our barbecue man so I don’t worry about those things.

Once they’re cooked, you place a hot dog in a bun along with a nice helping of sauerkraut and some mustard. Boom! Hot dogs like you’ve never had them before!