Ottolenghi’s Simple: Oven Chips with Oregano and Feta

We have been doing inventory for Thanksgiving and noticed that we had some potatoes in the pantry that should be used and I remembered that Simple had a recipe for oven chips that looked interesting. So suddenly it became a side dish for dinner!

Aaron used the chip feature on our new mandolin slicer to cut the potatoes, then they were parboiled on the cooktop before being drained and baked in the oven for almost an hour. When they were close to being finished, he infused some olive oil with garlic, poured it oven the chips then sprinkled over some dried oregano and some crumbled feta.

My eldest loves feta and he absolutely loved these chips! It’s like they changed his whole way of thinking. We usually buy oven chips in the freezer section at the grocery store, and I think that we will continue to do that rather than make them from scratch. They’re actually cheaper and cook a lot quicker! But the feta and oregano part is definitely a keeper!