Bake the Bag, Week 3

We’re 1/3 of the way through the King Arthur Flour Bake the Bag project and this week was the best bake so far – whole grain brownies!?! I know, it doesn’t sound fabulous, but the trick is that you bake it early and you leave it to rest rather than dig in straight away. This causes the whole grains to dissipate (as it were) and you’re left with a chewy gooey brownie that is delicious!

The recipe calls for 2 cups of chocolate chips but it says you can switch up the mix-ins so I thought I would do half semi sweet chocolate chips and half a different type of chocolate chip. I was on the phone with Aaron and running on adrenaline I think, but started searching through the pantry trying to locate peanut butter chips and realized I was STANDING on top of a bar stool with no idea how I got there and no idea how I was going to get down. Whoops! I did manage to do so but what I thought on sight were peanut butter chips were actually caramel chips so that’s what ended up in the brownies.

The wait for the brownies to work their magic by resting was totally worth it. Aaron declared them the best brownies he’s ever eaten and asked how we can find that flour here in Australia. I’m not so sure it was the flour that made them that good but the recipe is definitely a keeper!

S-wheat-ie is looking a lot smaller and is tucked in ready for a rest in the pantry until next week.

This recipe can also be found in King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Baking, Food52 Baking Club‘s book of the year for 2019.

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