Throwback Thursday: Our Search for the Perfect Pumpkin Pie, The Finals

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’ve finally made it to the final showdown for the best pumpkin pie. We have tried 18 different recipes over the last 9 weeks and we have narrowed it down to 2:

Butternut Pumpkin & Spice Cheesecake from Golden

and Butternut Pumpkin Pie from Bravetart

Notice anything different about that Bravetart pie?! Well, I’ll be honest, we’re getting a bit over pumpkin pie after eating so much of it so I thought to change it up I would add the Snickerstreusel topping suggested at the end of the recipe which features maple sugar, ground ginger, pecans and oats. My thought was this had the potential to take a stellar pie to an even higher level but unfortunately it was super disappointing. The flavor completely overwhelmed the pie and my 12 year old actually thought it tasted like ham (the flavors are a bit reminiscent of the ham glaze we use at Christmas). Unfortunately this completely skews the final results so rather than declare an outright winner between the final two, instead I’ll share a few thoughts:

  • If you are after a fabulous pumpkin pie, no doubt it is Bravetart‘s Butternut Pumpkin Pie. DO NOT MAKE THE SNICKERSTREUSEL CRUMBLE! Just don’t. The filling of the pie is a knock out and the pie pastry is the best by miles. I wish I could have used that pastry for all the other pies because it is what let most of them down.
  • If you don’t like pie but you like pumpkin, make Golden‘s Butternut Pumpkin & Spice Cheesecake. It is out of this world delicious!
  • You can make a good pumpkin pie without canned pie filling. Go with butternut pumpkin, cut in half, seeds scraped out, face down on a foil lined tray in the oven until fork tender. Then scrape out the flesh when it’s cool enough and puree with an immersion blender.
  • If you are sick of traditional pumpkin pie but want pumpkin pie I have two honorable mentions.
    1. Pumpkin Pecan Pie from The Baking Bible – this pie is a lovely and authentic cross between a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. It feels very at home on a Thanksgiving table.
    2. Five-Spice Pumpkin Pie from The Fearless Baker – this pie really wowed me when we tried it in the 3rd round but it just couldn’t edge out Bravetart. The Chinese Five Spice altered the flavor in such an amazing way. I still want to try it with the alternative suggestion Garam Masala.
  • With either of these honorable mentions though I would still use Bravetart’s pie pastry because it is just that much better than the rest. In fact I would go so far as to say that it will be my go to pie pastry from here on out.
  • Last but not least, for diabetics or people avoiding sugar, the Maple Pumpkin Pie from Baking With Less Sugar is a great pumpkin pie. Most people would rate this is a great pumpkin pie and no one would have to know it was sugar free!