Shaya: Two Thanksgiving staples

I made two sauces to accompany our Thanksgiving meal from Shaya yesterday morning – his Cranberry Sauce with Rosemary and Orange and his Charoset (a traditional Jewish fruit and nut chutney of sorts). These were both similar to making jams on the cooktop and it was just a matter of prepping a few ingredients and cooking them down in large pots.

The cranberry sauce is a perfect combination of cranberry jelly and cranberry sauce. It spreads easily but dollops easily as well. I love this cranberry sauce!

The charoset has dried figs, apricots, dates, apple, pistachios and hazelnuts as well as lemon and orange flavors. It has a little bit of crunch and like Alon says it makes a great turkey sandwich!

What I wasn’t prepared for……how much this recipe makes! Lots to eat and lots to share over the next few days.

I don’t think I’ll get a chance to cook any more from the book this month as we’ve run out of time. I won’t attempt a book review here because I’ve barely started cooking with this one. Maybe after a few throwbacks I’ll be able to give it a proper review.