Ottolenghi’s Simple: Thanksgiving sides and book review

One last Thanksgiving post because let’s face it – Thanksgiving really is a food lover’s holiday. I thought that two recipes from Ottolenghi’s Simple looked like they would be perfect sides for Thanksgiving this year and holy moly I was spot on.

First up was his Mustardy Cauliflower Cheese.

This was the most fought over dish at our table and unfortunately there wasn’t much leftover. Steamed cauliflower that has been stirred into a mustard, curry powder and cumin seed cream sauce and topped with a cheddar and parsley bread crumb and finished in the oven. It added some spice and comforting warmth to a meal that tends to be on the sweeter side. I should have doubled it. Or tripled it. I’ll be making this over and over again.

Next was his Caraway and Cranberry Stuffing.

His book has this stuffed into a chicken but we doubled it to put in our turkey. It was good but I’m not sure it beats my Grammy’s stuffing which I have been making for years. It features celery (lots of celery) and chestnuts and craisins and obviously caraway seeds and quite a bit of garlic. I imagine lots of people would rave about this stuffing but I really missed the smell that fills our whole house on Thanksgiving when I make Grammy’s stuffing. If we get a cheap turkey as we often do over the Christmas/New Year period, I will make it and share it with you. It is the best!

Ottolenghi’s Simple has been fun to cook from this month and while I seem to have stuck to the vegetable sections that seems pretty fitting for his vegetable forward style of cooking. The book will not disappear from this blog, that’s for sure, as there is still so much more to explore. I’m not sure that I’m coping very well with the multiple choices that we’re getting each month from Food52 Cookbook Club atm – it’s too much to commit to and I’m having a really hard time choosing only one book when we’re given such great choices!

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