Bake the Bag, Week 4

So it’s week 4 of baking through a bag of King Arthur Flour White Whole Wheat Flour and today I made their Whole Grain Sticky Buns.

I did not think I was going to end up with a pan of sticky buns the way this bake went today. I’ve no clue where I went wrong with mixing the dough but it came out a soupy mess, more like a cake batter than a ball of dough. But because I was using the expensive flour, there was no way to throw it out and start again so I scraped the dough into my plastic proofing container, stuck it in a warm spot and hoped for the best.

Little did I know that I would return in an hour and it was tripled! How the heck?! I really have no idea why it was so liquidy, I’m sure I measured everything correctly. I could tell it was still going to be soupy albeit risen, so instead of lightly flouring the bench I was more than generous and then added even more flour as it started sticking. I managed to flatten it out into a rough rectangle and spread the filling in. And I got it rolled into a log by adding flour as I rolled it up, bit by bit.

But that wasn’t the only problem. I didn’t think my square pan would be big enough so I put the topping into a round pyrex dish. Then I put the buns in and it only half filled the dish! So I had to remove them carefully and give the square dish I had a try, by scraping the topping into the pan and then hoping the now goopy buns would hold their shape long enough for me to get them into the pan. I barely managed this and then set it in a warm spot while I cleaned up the HUGE mess I made. Huge. I’m so glad I was home on my own today. It was embarrassing.

Anyhow, they baked up fine and came out of the pan just fine, but you can’t really make out the spirals, I assure you they are there, but they don’t look very appetizing.

These don’t really remind me of sticky buns either. I think it’s the orange zest in the caramel. It reminds me so much more of my favorite monkey bread recipe that I make every Christmas morning. They were nice, but given the mess and that it only made this small pan and they don’t look very good compared to the recipe picture, I very highly doubt I will make this one again. They can’t all be winners, but I really had high hopes for this recipe before I started, so it is pretty disappointing.

Goodnight, S-wheat-ie. Hopefully next week will be better.

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