Throwback Thursday: Cranberry Cornmeal Maple Bread from Baking with Less Sugar

Still feeling the Thanksgiving spirit here even though it’s all over for this year. I overbought cranberries so thought I’d free up precious freezer space by making this delicious sugar free treat from Baking With Less Sugar. The texture is a bit coarser than more common recipes for cranberry bread due to the cornmeal, but that also makes it feel heartier and more seasonal.

The preparation is slightly different than a normal quick bread too. The cranberries are cooked in maple syrup and then drained and the maple syrup is beaten into the butter and the eggs are beaten into it. Then the dry ingredients are added, then the buttermilk and vanilla, and then the drained cranberries are folded in. It bakes for about an hour and because of the lack of sugar doesn’t caramelize so that’s why it looks fairly pale. I assure you though this is delicious!

I’m still really enjoying this book! I’m planning to try the apple crisp next. =)