All About Cake: Mint Julep Bundt Cake and book review

Well, I didn’t get around to making a layer cake this week. I’ve come down with a bad head cold but I didn’t want to let it deter me from baking at least one more thing from All About Cake so I had to think about what I had in the house that would be relatively easy and wouldn’t require too much hands on time. Enter Christina Tosi’s Mint Julep Bundt Cake.

OMGoshness is it amazing!!!

I’ve been really surprised by how no matter what style cake it is the ingredients are very similar. The slow cooker cake I made was almost exactly the layer cake version. This too had grapeseed oil, melted butter, eggs and buttermilk – lots of liquidy fat that you have to get a good mix on so that it homogenizes with the dry ingredients. Then there’s also lemon juice and bourbon added in for good measure.

I’ve never had a mint julep before but as soon as I heard it contains bourbon I was 100% on board. We’ve only recently gotten into bourbon, one bottle will last us a good year and a half. We’re not heavy drinkers by any means.

The mint part of the cake is all in the glaze. The glaze is made with a mint bourbon sugar syrup that is then mixed together with icing sugar and lemon extract and salt. The salt in the glaze brings the whole cake together, and thankfully, there isn’t too much in this recipe (we were so disappointed with the pumpkin ganache blondie pie a while back because the ganache was way too salty.)

I love how fancy a bundt cake looks without the fuss. Just pop it out of the pan and pour on the glaze. Done. (And it’s easy to portion control with the ridges from the pan so you don’t eat too much.)

This book has been pretty good so far. Can’t wait for a better time of year where I’m not doing holiday baking to really get to explore it more. Keen to try the Arnold Palmer Cake, the Pineapple Upside Down Cake, the German Chocolate Jimbo Cake and the Mint Cookies and Cream Cake especially. I love how she has a vegan section at the back so that I might be able to throw together a vegan cake at some stage for a vegan friend of ours. There are some weird ingredients that I cannot get here (the freeze dried corn comes to mind) and I’ll need to work out how to get a hold of that before I can try at least one of those recipes on my list. I’ve really loved the flavors in the recipes we’ve tried this month and know that if it’s in one of Christina Tosi’s books it is definitely not gonna be bland or boring!

I’m really glad that Food52 Baking Club chose this book. That said I wish they’d wait until it has been out a bit longer before making it book of the month. I had to fork out full price for this book and I cannot be doing that each month because the library didn’t purchase it in time. Not that I wouldn’t want to own it, but if I got a good deal because it wasn’t hot off the press it would be much more affordable.

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