In My Kitchen: December 2018

It’s December everyone!!! I love Christmas time and cannot wait to see what is in everybody’s kitchens this month.

In my kitchen…

I bought a fat separator from Aldi that I’m hoping to put to good use this month for our Sunday roast dinners. We’re not usually a Sunday roast family, but during December we usually have a special dinner on Sunday nights when we light our Advent candles.

Speaking of which, our Advent wreath is our centerpiece this month – last year my daughter asked us if Jesus was turning 5 on Christmas Day because of the five candles. Hehehe…out of the mouths of babes!

My mom sent us some new Oreos and Hershey’s kisses to try. The peppermint bark Oreos are amazing!

We bought a Soda Stream! Costco had an amazing deal on one and we thought this might take our iced tea to another level. So far we are very happy with it, but I haven’t quite decided where it should live in my kitchen.

If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post this week you might have guessed that we are beginning to brew kombucha. I had just put the scoby and the starter tea in when I took this pic. Was very grateful to a friend for mentioning they had some fresh brewed stuff so that I could pick her brain and she gifted us with what we needed to get going. Only time will tell if this becomes a regular thing, but between it and sourdough – healthy guts all around.

We’ve had a few messes lately thanks to my darling 3 year old, and so we were running low on tea towels and I spotted this at the bottom of the drawer. I forgot how much I love this tea towel that my daughter’s preschool class made 2 years ago and cannot believe how much her drawing has progressed since then – she’s quite the artist!

The cookbooks I’ll be featuring this month…I think it’s pretty funny that the poses on the covers are very similar and the short one word titles.

Still no decision made on the chairs…I do have an idea but haven’t gotten to the store that I saw the fabric at yet. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll have it sorted.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thank you to Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings for hosting the In My Kitchen linkup this month. Please visit her blog and check out what’s in her kitchen and in other kitchens around the world this month.