Bake the Bag, Week 6

I love a good carrot cake recipe and this week’s Bake the Bag challenge is exactly that! Using white whole wheat flour has been an interesting project and you definitely would not pick that this was whole wheat.

That said, the cake behaved a bit differently than I expected in the oven, and took 45 minutes to cook but was only barely cooked in the middle. It had a weird light flour patch on the top but from the pic you can tell it was super dark inside. Not sure if this is flour related, but I’ve never seen a cake behave that way before.

I ended up using 3/4 cup of walnuts and 3/4 cup of sultanas because I completely ran out of nuts – I really need to add them to the grocery list. The cream cheese frosting behaved perfectly with the minimum amount of icing sugar listed and it paired perfectly with the cake. It was so light and moist, just as a good carrot cake recipe should be.

My daughter asked for a second slice and ate every crumb. She never does that with cake, either she likes the cake and not the frosting or vice versa. I will need to keep carrot cake in the back of my mind as a good birthday cake option for her.

S-wheat-ie is looking a lot smaller having reduced by 2 cups this week. I suppose it’s about time though as we only have 3 more recipes remaining. I wonder if King Arthur Flour will choose a different bagged product to do a second Bake the Bag challenge?!