Nigella’s Feast: An Easy Lunch for Six

I quite like how Feast has menu suggestions and this one in particular appealed to me with “easy” and “six” – we actually had it for a midweek dinner though.

The main is One-Pan Sage-and-Onion Chicken and Sausage: essentially this is a sheet pan dinner and something we often do just with sausages and roast veggies. This is a bit different as we had 2 kg of chicken legs and thighs that we marinated with olive oil,  English mustard, sage, pepper, lemon and Worcestershire sauce. We bought Italian style sausages as per the suggestion in the header and this smelt heavenly as it cooked.

The side was Bread-Sauce-Flavoured Potato Gratin, basically potato gratin with onion, cloves, mace and bay leaves. This was sadly a bit of a fail. I’ve had much better potato gratins before and this one never firmed up so was a soupy mess. I was surprised there was no cheese, even on top.

Overall we were left unimpressed by this meal and unfortunately that’s been the case with this book for the most part. Perhaps we’re trying the recipes that aren’t standouts?! Out of 6 recipes, the only one we’d make again is the Sweet Potato Casserole. I’m not giving up on it yet though – surely there are more great recipes in this book!