Crumb: Fig, Orange & Star Anise Tea Loaf

As I mentioned previously, Food52 Baking Club‘s December pick is Crumb by Ruby Tandoh. I’m really excited to bake from this book as I recently binge watched all of The Great British Bake Off and really enjoyed Ruby’s season on the show. The first recipe I’ve tried happens to be her favorite in the book, a simple tea loaf flavored with dried figs, orange zest, ground ginger and star anise.

I whipped this together on Saturday night for Sunday breakfast and had my happy helper, Miss 7, assisting with cracking eggs, stirring the batter and setting the timer. She was super excited to help but when she tried it the next morning she exclaimed she didn’t like it. Always the way with her. I think if she helps she might venture out and try it, but this rarely works.

Everyone else thought it was beautiful though, even our 3 year old! I checked it after 50 minutes and the knife came out clean, but I think it really could have used the extra 10 minutes in the oven as it was a bit doughy in the very middle. Next time I’ll get it right. And there’s definitely a next time for this one! Now onto her cherry pistachio stollen…