Bake the Bag, Week 7

For Week 7 of the Bake the Bag challenge we are tasked with making Cinnamon Whole Wheat Scones. It uses another whooping 2 cups of the White Whole Wheat Flour, which makes a serious dent in what’s left for the final two weeks.

The scone recipe is not difficult at all – stir dry ingredients in a bowl, cut in the butter in small chunks, add the cinnamon chips and the mixed wet ingredients. Americans don’t usually make round scones – they form the dough into a large disc (or two in this recipe) and then cut the disc into wedges and cook them in their larger round shape. They also have a tendency to glaze their scones rather than split them open and slather with jam and cream. I’m not purist by any means, but these are distinctly different from normal scones. Still delicious, but not the same.

On weekends we tend to have something pastry like with our breakfast (or as our breakfast if on our way to church) so when it gives the option to make these extra special with a glaze, of course we were going to feel obliged.

The recipe made 12 and they all went that morning. That said, it is not my favorite cinnamon scone. I much prefer King Arthur Flour’s triple cinnamon scone recipe – a lot more effort, but totally worth it in my opinion. I may try to adapt it to use whole wheat now that I’ve seen it successfully used in this recipe.

S-wheat-ie is close to the end now, only 2 weeks to go!