Crumb: Cherry Stollen with Pistachio Marzipan

About that stollen I mentioned the other day…well…it’s been made…it’s been devoured!

I couldn’t find dried cherries anywhere (I’m sure Costco used to sell them in Australia) so I drained some canned morello cherries and ended up swapping them one for one. In addition to the cherries there’s orange zest and mixed peel and the dough is scented with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. I used the mixer even though Ruby obviously hand kneads it. The dough rose sooooo quickly thanks to the warm weather. I was hoping it would be slow as that what it says to expect, so it was probably overproofed a little.

I threw the pistachio marzipan together in a real hurry – it’s simply pistachios, icing sugar mixed together in a food processor with egg white and vanilla stirred in and then shaped into a log. I wrapped the dough around it (it was quite a sloppy mess thanks to the overproofing) and it rose again in no time and baked in 40 minutes. Afterwards I brushed it all over with melted butter and after it cooled I sprinkled over more icing sugar. Transferring it from the baking tray to the cooling rack to the serving platter was a bit tricky as it was quite heavy in the middle from the marzipan but quite weak on the edges.

I would definitely make this again – I ate two slices for breakfast! Crumb is proving to be quite the fun little baking book. =)