How To Eat A Peach

I finally got a hold of the library copy of How To Eat A Peach, Diana Henry’s new book, which is one of this month’s Cookbook Club choices and so I went a bit crazy and made 3 recipes on one day to get a feel for the book.

First up was the Tuscan Grape Bread. It’s a normal bread dough recipe which is then shaped into a large rectangle and has grapes pressed into it, olive oil, brown sugar and rosemary drizzled over it, in addition to the uber indulgent marsala soaked raisins. This is the nicest bread! I can see why it’s been all over the Facebook group this month. I do think it would be best served with some strong Italian cheese and I’m sure we will be making this again on our next cheese night.

Next was the Cheddar, Onion and Spinach Tart. The tart dough was super crumbly even after adding extra liquid. I ended up pressing it into the tart dish rather than rolling it out. It was prebaked which I’ve never done for an egg dish before, but it did ensure there was no soggy bottom. The tart was nice, very British in flavor, but I knew the second I tasted it that texturally our 12 year old would struggle. The spinach and onions were kinda slimy. I’d give this one a miss next time, even though the whole thing was eaten.

Lastly the recipe that gave the book it’s name – White Peaches in Chilled Moscato. It’s not really a recipe but the story draws you right in and makes you want to try it. This was sooooo nice – we just had really cheap moscato that we used when we made the charoset from Shaya last month so I’m sure it would be even better with good wine. We couldn’t leave the kids out of the fun so we bought them some sparkling white grape juice so they could try it too. I think that this is a beautiful summer dessert and again would go nicely as part of a cheese night.

It’s too bad I’ve gotten this book so late in the month and so close to Christmas but I surely will be cooking from it a lot more than just these three recipes. And you know for the first time in my life, Italy is top of my list of places I want to visit.