Bake the Bag, Week 8

(Full Disclosure: I did not make these today but last week for my daughter’s “healthy” Year 1 Christmas party.)

This is the second last bake from the Bake the Bag challenge – 100% Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins. Muffins are really a quick bake if ever there was one – stir dry ingredients together and wet ingredients together and stir the wet and dry together (and it’s okay if there’s lumps). Nothing to it really. I mean, it’s the only recipe I can remember from cooking in high school, what does that tell you?!

I quite like this particular muffin recipe. My go to muffin recipes for the longest time have been from the AIS website (I’d share a link but the website is down for maintenance atm). I particularly like the chocolate raspberry muffins and I sub the choc chips for white choc chips. Delicious! Although almost equally I love the orange poppyseed muffins with lemon instead of orange. But I can see being swayed by this recipe if only because I ended up with no noses on top, which I often get on the AIS muffins. The slight hint of cinnamon in the mix really lifted them as well. I will definitely attempt these again with ordinary wholemeal flour and might do a side by side comparison with the AIS version.

I thought since it was a Year 1 party I’d make a batch of mini muffins and then normal sized muffins with whatever batter was left over, ending up with 24 mini muffins and 11 normal sized muffins (the last couple we added some extra blueberries to because it was just batter by that stage). Regardless, it yielded a lot more than the 12 muffins stated on the recipe.

My 3 year old absolutely loved these! I’m thinking I need to get back into regular muffin making if it’s something he’ll eat and my daughter enjoys as well. Especially given how incredibly easy they are!

Merry Christmas S-wheat-ie! You have been a gift that keeps on giving and I can’t believe we only have one more adventure left. And Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope that wherever you are you are healthy and happy and surrounded by love and joy. =)