Crumb: Cherry Pie and book review

What a way to end the month baking from Crumb! Because I had some leftover sour cherries from the stollen I made, I decided for my third bake I should make Ruby’s cherry pie which has a mixture of sour cherries and normal cherries. And it just so happened I had the perfect amount left over.

The pastry was mixed by hand – just butter, flour, salt, sugar and water and pressed into a disc before being refrigerated. I did a 60/40 split to line the pie plate and then refrigerated the molded dough again while I made the filling.

The filling was the cherries (I used 500g frozen but next time I’d use 600g) mixed in a saucepan with lemon juice until warmed through and then adding cornflour, sugar, the sour cherries and a small amount of almond extract until thickened.

I filled the pie shell with the fruit and rolled out the remaining dough to place on top. Ruby’s egg wash is 1 egg and 1 Tablespoon of milk and I brushed the rim of the pie shell then place the lid on top before pressing together all around the edge. Then I brushed the whole thing with egg wash and put a steam hole in the middle before baking.

Cherry pie is my most favorite pie of all time so I had very high expectations for this, having not had cherry pie in years and having never made one myself. This is seriously the best cherry pie I’ve ever eaten! I’m pretty sure I had luck on my side that this is the first cherry pie that stood out but I cannot imagine trying any other recipe. Aaron reckons that it would be even better with Bravetart’s pie pastry, but this pastry was very good and the bottom wasn’t soggy at all. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit blown away!

There are still several more recipes on my list to try from this book, but sadly they’ll have to be throwbacks. It’s slightly unfortunate that this was December’s book as it’s a hard time to try new bakes when you are making so many standard ones. For sure I will be trying the sticky toffee pudding recipe as it is Aaron’s favorite dessert to see how it holds up to the other versions we’ve tried in the past. For a “celebrity” baking book, I’m really impressed by the high quality bakes I’ve gotten so far. I look forward to trying many, many more.

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