A couple of salads from The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

Since it’s a new month of course there are new books to explore. This month Food52 Cookbook Club is cooking through Deborah Madison’s book The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, so you can expect to see a lot of recipes from it on Meatless Mondays. This past week we tried a couple of her salads as it was so dang hot and both of them were a real hit!

First up is the Cool Rice and Cucumber Salad – it is a mixture of cooked rice, cucumbers, a yogurt dressing flavored with white wine vinegar, olive oil and several herbs – dill, parsley and mint – and some chopped green onions and “garnished” with some oak leaf lettuce. I thought that last bit was hilarious because who garnishes anything with lettuce?!? But seriously, this is a nice, refreshing summer salad and is reminiscent of tzatziki but obviously more substantial thanks to the rice. I could see this being served alongside some kebabs or zucchini balls to make a complete meal.

The second salad was Picnic Potato Salad with Marjoram and Pickled Onions. You quick pickle a sliced red onion in apple cider vinegar and boil whole potatoes before peeling and slicing. I think our potatoes were a bit more cooked than the recipe intended because we couldn’t manage to peel them and it sorta ended up more mashed than sliced. Other flavorings in the salad include celery, capers, green capsicum, marjoram, thyme and Dijon mustard. First bite I didn’t like it, but by the third I was hooked. Think you need to get over the strong flavors of the Dijon and capers to really enjoy this salad. Also there is a lot of olive oil in the recipe and I’m sure it could be made with way less. By the end all that was left was a pool of olive oil.

That said, both of these salads have been welcome lunch leftovers over the course of the week and we were happy with how well they kept. Next week, I’m hoping to try a cauliflower curry for a meatless Indian dinner.