Rose’s Baking Basics: Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Yesterday my second son turned 13. Now we have two teenage boys in the house. I usually try to make a good breakfast on birthdays (most often starring our slow cooker breakfast casserole and some form of cinnamon rolls). But this year I thought since the cake I was making for him wasn’t really an apple cake that I should make sure he still gets his apple cake – so I thought this Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Rose’s Baking Basics (the Food52 Baking Club book of the month) would be just the right fit.

Rose’s recipes tend to be a bit more involved than your typical recipes, but our experience so far has suggested that that time is worth the investment. The cake itself is a butter cake that is lightened with sour cream and flavored with vanilla. What makes this cake special is the crumb layer that has sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts with peeled and sliced apples and then the rest of the crumb is turned into a streusel crumb for on top with the addition of butter and flour. The cake is baked without the crumb 2/3 of the way and then the crumb is added for the last 1/3 to give it a nice crunchy topping.

This was the perfect addition to a nice birthday breakfast with enough leftover to be a dessert option for those who didn’t want cheesecake or for breakfast leftovers. It says it keeps for a few days covered at room temperature so I baked it Sunday that way I didn’t have to get up early Monday morning. I’m very excited about what else there is to discover in this book!