My favorite sourdough discard recipes

Today I thought I’d talk a bit more about the discard recipes I mentioned in my previous sourdough post. I recently joined a sourdough baking group on Facebook and someone was asking for recommendations and even though I’m a total newbie, I couldn’t help but chime in with these two recipes.

These Classic Sourdough Waffles are great when you want to have something for breakfast and plan to bake bread the same day. I pull out my sourdough the night before to refresh and get my 1 cup of discard to make the overnight sponge for the waffles. Then I refresh my starter and leave it out overnight so that it warms up and has time to become active. Then in the morning I mix in the rest of the waffle ingredients into the overnight sponge and get to work. My waffle iron is a cheapy Kmart one because it actually makes a decent sized waffle. I use a 1 cup measure and get 7 waffles, which is perfect for our family.

One cup or 8 oz of discard is usually what I have when I refresh my starter as I keep 1 1/2 cups of sourdough starter on the go. But when I want to make sourdough pizza crust I have to bulk that up to triple size because each pizza uses 8 oz and we usually like to make three. That leaves us some lunch leftovers for a couple days and caters for several tastes. Again I start this the day before I’m going to bake and refresh my starter not by discarding anything but this time by adding 12 oz flour and 12 oz water. Once this has doubled in size I chuck it in the fridge to be pulled out the next day to make the pizza bases.

Then in the morning I make up the pizza dough for each pizza and give each their own container to rise in. Making each base takes 10 minutes, so this job takes me 30 minutes in total. Once they have doubled in size I rub some olive oil on my baking trays and then spread the dough out into the trays. This is super quick and then I just leave them out until I’m ready to bake.

In a super hot oven, par-bake the bases and make sure all the toppings you want are ready to go. You want to get them back in the oven as soon as possible so the cooking process doesn’t stop. We use this as an opportunity to clean out our fridge so if I have leftover chicken we’ll have a barbecue chicken pizza with some feta and red onion or leftover sausage might because a sausage and egg or sausage and mushroom pizza and we usually do a half Hawaiian/half cheese and ham pizza. I use either barbecue sauce or Napolitana/Marinara sauce and since I only use a little bit of the large jar, we usually make sure to have spaghetti and meatballs within a few days.

I definitely recommend giving both of these recipes a try if you are a sourdough baker. They have made me love sourdough for even more than just the awesome bread!