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Meatless Monday

A couple vegetarian curries from Fresh India

Our eldest nephew has recently started teaching us to play Dungeons & Dragons and whenever their family come over we have an absolute feast (usually either Mexican or Indian because it’s easy to upscale to feed a crowd). Our nephews are not very adventurous when it comes to food, but if you serve a chicken […]

Meatless Monday

Queen Fine Foods’ Mermaid Magic Cake

So I used up that leftover Swiss meringue buttercream trying out my very first magic cake. I’ve seen quite a lot of these recipes and they look similar to a sponge pudding where it becomes saucy on bottom and cakey on top from the one mixture. This however is different – it becomes like a […]

Meatless Monday

Moroccan Mint Iced Tea

Our old local T2 in Sydney used to have a tea house and I absolutely loved that place. My favorite part of visiting was sipping on one of their many varieties of iced teas, but their Moroccan Mint was my absolute favorite. Since we’ve moved away and they’ve closed down I took it upon myself […]