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In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen: January 2019

It’s 2019!!! We’ve started off the year quite relaxed after a very hectic couple of weeks. Aaron worked the night shift both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, so I’m only now just starting to feel like it’s holidays. We’ve been doing some cleaning up and organizing and there’s still heaps left to do, in […]

In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen: November 2018

It’s November! Time really does fly when you’re having fun…well…if you count taxiing children around and throwing birthday parties and studying fun!?! In my kitchen this month… We bought three 2L jugs from Kmart for $6 each last week so that we can really up our iced tea game now that the weather is warming […]

In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen: September 2018

I totally missed the In My Kitchen link up last month amongst all the chaos of being sick and looking after kids. But I’m back with a few things to share this month. (I hope that the commenting continues to work, I’m sorry if it stuffs up.) In my kitchen this month, honey from our […]