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Bake the Bag

Bake the Bag, Week 3

We’re 1/3 of the way through the King Arthur Flour Bake the Bag project and this week was the best bake so far – whole grain brownies!?! I know, it doesn’t sound fabulous, but the trick is that you bake it early and you leave it to rest rather than dig in straight away. This […]

Bake the Bag

Bake the Bag, Week 2

Aaron made these Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies today with our little 3 year old assistant. The recipe is quite a bit different from our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, so it was interesting to see what difference ingredients like honey and apple cider vinegar could make. We used butterscotch schnapps for the butterscotch flavoring, and […]

Bake the Bag, Recipe of the Year

Bake the Bag, Week 1

So today is the day I start baking through this precious 5 lb bag of King Arthur Flour’s white whole wheat flour and will continue to do so for the next 9 Tuesdays, thus baking through the entire bag. The first recipe is one I’ve made before using other flours – their recipe of the […]

In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen: November 2018

It’s November! Time really does fly when you’re having fun…well…if you count taxiing children around and throwing birthday parties and studying fun!?! In my kitchen this month… We bought three 2L jugs from Kmart for $6 each last week so that we can really up our iced tea game now that the weather is warming […]


The End of KAF Bakealong

I predicted that this was happening, it just seemed like the last few months were all about the best of Bakealong recipes with nothing really new to challenge us. King Arthur Flour has officially announced on their Facebook page the end of Bakealong after 2 years. It’s bittersweet news. I know that things end, I […]


Pane Bianco returns

Okay King Arthur Flour, enough is enough already. Another repeat and one that I do so regularly that it is hardly a challenge. But then you go and improve the thing and I realize once again why I love you so much. I’ve already posted about this bread here, so I won’t go into much […]


Butterflake Herb Loaf, transformed

It was not that long ago that I posted about an old King Arthur Flour bakealong challenge that is loved by all of us – their Butterflake Herb Loaf. So it was to my surprise that this month they’ve brought the challenge back with some twists. We were challenged to make different fillings and adjust […]

Bakealong, Meatless Monday

Butterflake Herb Loaf

This butterflake herb loaf which was the King Arthur Flour Bakealong challenge in March 2017 is one of our very favorite dinner breads. It is ultra comforting and perfect to accompany a bowl of soup or pasta. You make an enriched dough that has butter, eggs and milk and let it rise until doubled. Then […]


Savory Rugelach

The King Arthur Flour Bakealong challenge this month is a twist on an old challenge – savory rugelach made as spirals rather than their traditional roll ups. I must admit I wasn’t too excited by this one…I’ve made last month’s challenge several times already…but now that I gave it a go, I can see what […]