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Crumb: Cherry Stollen with Pistachio Marzipan

About that stollen I mentioned the other day…well…it’s been made…it’s been devoured! I couldn’t find dried cherries anywhere (I’m sure Costco used to sell them in Australia) so I drained some canned morello cherries and ended up swapping them one for one. In addition to the cherries there’s orange zest and mixed peel and the […]

Crumb, Meatless Monday

Crumb: Fig, Orange & Star Anise Tea Loaf

As I mentioned previously, Food52 Baking Club‘s December pick is Crumb by Ruby Tandoh. I’m really excited to bake from this book as I recently binge watched all of The Great British Bake Off and really enjoyed Ruby’s season on the show. The first recipe I’ve tried happens to be her favorite in the book, […]